FirePrint 3D Business Printer - 4-Material



Amazing business printer with an unparalleled building capacity of 12" x 12" x 12". The perfect printer for entrepreneurs, industry specialists, and creativity junkies.

Integrated 7" LCD touchscreen computer system for friendly standalone operation.

Fireprint Blue Dragon 3D Printer

3D printing lets you expand your creativity, build your own prototypes or take a hobby to exciting new levels. You can design or personalize items that reflect your individuality. And it satisfies your desire to learn something new and challenge your mind.

When choosing the right 3D printer for you, remember the FirePrint Business Printer is the most reliable, easiest, and supported 3D printer on the market. And Fireprint has been inspiring makers for years, so you can trust us to help bring your imagination to life.

Fireprint is the PERFECT Business 3D Printer

Why Blue Dragon Fireprint is awesome

Amazing Quality - Built for Business

    Specifications: Fireprint KH-1728B

    Brand Name Blue Dragon
    Part Number BDFPKH1728-B
    Build Area 12" x 12" x 12"
    Build Area Total Volume 1728 Cubic Inches
    Product Dimensions 24" x 23" x 37"
    Color / Material Channels 4 Simultaneous Filaments
    Layer Resolution Printable 10> Micron
    Travel Speed Capable Range 10 - 300 mm/s
    Approximate Weight 70 pounds
    Filament Diameter Supported 1.75mm
    Print Speed Capable Range 10 - 300 mm/s
    Nozzle Diameter Installed 0.40 mm
    Country of Manufacturer United States of America